I live in small town in Wisconsin. It's a long story and a lot of miles since I left Van Nuys High. When I graduated I had no clue what I was going to do with my life and the early choices that I made showed that. I spent a year signing up for classes at Los Angeles Valley College; signing up and then dropping them for the cash. I would walk out of the Valley to UCLA and spend time with a good friend. I flipped burgers at In-N-Out on Van Nuys Boulevard.

Then I drove my car into another car. I didn't have insurance. I declared bankruptcy. The hardest part was not having a car in Los Angeles. I didn't feel like I had many choices left – I couldn't see much past my own life. I joined the Army for five years. I joined another good friend for a year.

The Army took me to a few more States and the South Korea. I eventually landed in Washington State. I left the military August 19, 2001. I enrolled and tried my hand at school again. This time I reached farther and found my way enrolled in the University of Washington.

I was married. A father to two. School suffered as my partner suffered with depression. We eventually divorced.

I eventually left school. Tired of playing pretend at work and make believe. The heart and the minds of the people around me were not it it. I had stopped being in it. I worked part time in tech support. My grandparents helped me along for a few years. I never thought it much at the time but it made a happier life possible. I took a job working in Quality Assurance for team building a computer for Paul Allen; it was a truly lucky break.

After that, time passes much faster. The work I did started to care more. I dated and thought again of marrying and having children. I fell in love with the woman that would smile at me in the mornings as I caame in for a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich. We fell in love and I proposed to here around Christmas under a sparkling tree while Christmas music played in the background.

We married. Packed up all our things and went on a Honeymoon. When we returned we started a new life on the East Cost. But my work was tumultuous and we eventually found our way to Denver. There we talked about a first child and moving to California.

Our child was born nearly two years ago. We made our way to California. We lived with another great friend from High School before it was time to start raising the family in a small town in Wisconsin.

I am happy. I'm moving into a new home. I work with people in a company that aren't perfect but tend towards listening and getting better. Above all that I have a family that I adore.