When Hannah and I drove through Viroqua I would see the small town radio station WDRT. I would crane my neck to see into the window, hoping to find someone on the air. To see someone talking into the microphone and to simultaneously hear them on the radio. I longed to be a part of radio.

I am not even sure why I felt exactly that way. Why in the age of everything online would I want to be onthe radio? Why, when there are podcasts? On the radio you have no chance of knowing your listeners are there listening. I would be hard-pressed to find the metrics to help guide improvement. I would be restricted to when I would be able to perform and be restriction in my performance.

Yet, I still wanted on the radio.

When we eventually moved here I finally popped into the station. I thought I would find glaring holes in the schedule on nights and weekends. A station in need of people to donate their time and fill the airwaves. Instead I found a schedule that filled the week. Shows even alternateed weeks. It was crowded.

I still pursued. Talked with those around me about my love of music and desire to become involved. Eventually a friend invited me on the show. I build a playlist for a show. After the second show he invited me on as a regular.

It has been an interesting journey to learn the elements of running a radio program. It is also interesting to do it with another person. We are still figuring out our style and format. In the process I am thankful that it keeps me in the world of music. That I have to listen to music. That I must learn the names of artists, albums, and songs. I have to think about why I like a song so that I can occassionally share my thoughts.

On February 10 (7-9PM CST), I will be on the radio running a solo show. While I could say I hope you will be listening. I am not even sure if you would be or even if you read this and in some ways that pleases me. While feedback is useful. It doesn't always feel that way when it feels like it has an anemic flow.

Right now I continue to push myself into continuing to speak and enjoying the silence around me.