I have a colorful imagination that can often take me to far off places. Re-mixing the media and experiences of my life into the work that I am doing at the moment. However, this head full of memories and thoughts can bear down heavy on me. I can very often become stricken by paralysis.

I see the problem. My brain begins to see through to a solution. A faster, clearer way of accomplishing the work or expressing the idea. But I cannot find all the steps or maybe the right, first step. So I stand there and ponder the work ahead. Eventually I may take a step in; other times I may turn away and return another day.

It has been more challenging than I thought to step away from contributing code to an active application. My current work, developing training content, is often not as targeted, exact, and does not require quite as much coordination. I can often lose sight of its importance because for the most part the organization continues on without it.

Working closely within other individuals gives me some allowances to think out loud. Reminds me of the importance of action, review, and reaction over perfection. Having another individual present reminds me of the importance and value of the work to others within this organization. A truly helpful individual will help focus me on delivering the mandatory and the necessary. They will also help me reason through the absurd and the sublime.