It started here; 10 years ago.

505 Union Street

I was working part-time at the University of Washington. Attending classes part time. Missing classes often. My ambitions and my major changed a few times before I had landed in Informatics. The second cohort of a program still within its genesis. And that showed in some its execution.

I don't remember what course finally gave me cause to cut ties; but I remember the moment. A call came in from Elle. Danny had a friend named Ryan that was in need of someone full-time. Elle suggested me.

I interviewed to be a Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer. I stated in the interview that I hoped to be a Developer some day. I learned shortly after being hired that I almost wasn't hired for saying that. A huge division had driven itself between the Development team and QA.

We were developing a brand-new computer. Portable laptop the size of paperback fantasy novel. We released it to low fanfare and eventually most of us were cut.

It was the start of an incredible journey. The beginning of my technical career.