Working remotely is hard for me. Work in some ways doesn't fill a particular part of me. Not the way it did in person. I wonder if part of the way I work requires me to be with others.

I recently have been stating aloud something that I have known for a long time. The most meaningful work is the work that I can do with people I enjoy.

I served five-years active in the US Army. A year out they start asking you want you want: a signing bonus; a transfer to a gravy duty station (parade issue); a job change. I almost caved when Honolulu hit the table but remained firm because they couldn't offer me what it is I really wanted:

I wanted to continue to work with the same group of people that I had come to trust and enjoy working with each day.

Then there are days that I think the isolation is useful. When I am withdrawn I find the space to absorb, adapt, and deliver. I am principal to the design. No longer bound by a committee. I can spend hours fret big and small things equally. Delivering something that is uniquely mine; akin to art. Bespoke. It is in this friction that I like to work. A friction that I mean to smooth. Only to start all over again.