Practice Brings Enjoyment

In the past two weeks I have had the chance to dance again. Before that it was October. Before that is hazy. It is an activity that I enjoy and I realized both of these nights it is because I practiced and got better at the entire experience. I feel like I have decent control of my body and probably more importantly a sense of comfort on the dance floor.

It had been awhile since I had thought of all the times I had been to goth clubs and then out dancing in Korea. There were so many moments in my life where I found myself practicing on the dance floor. And now I feel a sense of enjoyment. I mean, I did before, but there is sense of return on investment that seems particularly rewarding at this stage in life.

I continue to draw a little, play the piano, and game. I spend more time satisfying my underdeveloped skills in first-person shooters. In the past few months, since summer, I have really grown as a player. I still sense more work and development ahead. The plateaus come but I continue to feel stronger about it.

Piano I still fail to remind myself to practice for a moment each day. If I start the day with the thought my chances of completion go up. But it's still a hard activity with only a small reward at this stage it still feels like a hard investment.

Drawing. Well the success of the last sticker left me a little speechless. In drawing I realized that I have completely abandoned the process. Recycling. Iteration. Experimentation. I remember sometimes but often times I'm moving to a more final looking results instead of searching, through practice, for something that I love.

There are so many other areas in my life that I continue to practice. In my work around the house. Being a father. The different facets of the work I do. The additional activities I take on.

The one downside to my strong desire to practice is how I am huring my sleep patterns. I'm acting like I'm half my age. Trying to learn and remember so much, while hobbling myself each night in the name of it.