Not quite at home

In whatever space in I am in I find myself feeling as though I am a visitor; a guest. I feel that less so within my own “home” but the idea of a long-standing home in which I reside has not existed for a long time.

I do remember feeling quite a bit at home when living within Virginia with my family. But at the age of 11 my life changed when I moved from to California from Virginia. From that point on I continued to move every few years until I finally have come to rest here in Wisconsin last year.

I moved from apartments to new apartments and rented house during my entire time in Seattle. Leaving Seattle took me to D.C., Denver, and San Francisco.

Living now in a small town is different than most of those experiences. This is also a more permanent moment. I don't have regular social meetings that surface some of the social interactions I had sought before. I have to talk to people, plan, and prepare moments to see one another. I have to think on how to keep it fun and fresh. It reminds of any relationship.