Setting a New Schedule

I've been thinking a lot about me and my desire for slack when finding solutions or placing limits to increase my focus on work.

In the future I will likely look back at this time and remember the moments where I thought I was cool interacting with technology. Where I controlled it with a remote that fit in the palm of my hand. The future is 'natural'.

And at the moment I felt almost smug enough to proclaim some future where the dreary frictions of this world are completely washed away – “if you didn't have to worry about money, then life must be so easy” – But I know all it does is bring the issue up the problem pyramid.

I am starting to define my time:

2 Family Days 3 Chef Days 1 Cultural Enrichment Day 1 Technical Enrichment Day

Honestly the 'Day' here refers to the hours in the convention “business hours” arrangement of 9-to-5. So I mean a solid stretch of eight hours. Leaving another 16 hours each day for family, rest, and relaxation. So you see 'Day' is not really the right unit. (I also don't think that 8 consecutive hours is really a rational unit. I imagine there is some peek unit for each person. In the future we will know!)

These lines are also very blurry because I still handle Family and Chef responsibilities during these Enrichment days but stating that they are the core focus of the day is important.