Oct 6, 2015

The recent jam felt great. We caught up. We felt like friends.

The weather has changed here in Wisconsin. It is far colder out. Especially that evening. Autumn comes on you quick here. These days are warm in the sun if you can find a window to stretch out under.

We actually started talking about that first. We were talking about how good it was to get back into that room so we could generate some heat. Making music generate heat.

The the studio switched over to jam mode and and we needed to slowly work our way back up to volume in a number I like to call Sexy Sandwich.

We then flew right into Fast Enough and Let Down Your Hair which were super fun and funky. I tried to figure out how the hell you backup someone else. I learned a few ways not to do it.

And then felt an endless spout from my mouth. It had been a few weeks of bottled shit that needed to be shared. But not in particular words and thoughts but the feeling of need to getting it out. I think this has become a valve.

Oct 4, 2015

I walk late at night in the country here. I walk in the dark. I walk when the wind howls and the drops drizzle. The night is my time. It is restless time. I start to overheat. I want to either end the night completely accomplished or absolutely frustrated.

I want to wake up the next day already having said goodbye to that task and planning summer visits. Or I want to be so locked in horns with it that I won't give in. Either of those. But the space in between is probably some of the worst.

And the truth is that more nights out of the week are those nights. I continue to stare at this infernal contraption each night expecting to find my fill. To have played all the notes out of this instrument. But that day never seems to come.

So I walk each night. I walk because without it the entire evening would have been a waste (I would have sat there all night!) in my head. And more often than not it gives me a little back in waking me up and helping me center and prepare that time.

I walked...

Sep 29, 2015

There are four questions that I use to judge if I am happy where I am working.

  • Am I working with talented and excited people on a close basis?

  • Am I improving at the work that I am currently doing?

  • Am I learning and able to explore new things?

  • Do I feel like I have control over the things that I am working on?

Sep 26, 2015

I am leaving Chicago. While the trip was measured in its amount of excitement it was a gorgeous time to visit the city. Fall as always remains one of my favorite seasons to visit cities. I wish I could live in a world of permanent Fall. Where the days start crisp, roar to a warmth, and finish again with cool evenings that invite you to walk about and stare at the night.

I arrived late on Monday. Taught Tuesday through Friday. Grabbed a flight after the class on Friday. A benefit of living only an hour flight away. When I made it through security I was pleased to think about all the times I walked through the concourse. Getting a chance to see what it was outside this behemoth hub.

I ate far too much hamburger here in the city. I am sure I will pay for that in my declining years. Early on in the week I snacked on bad candy and cookies. During the day I guzzled water after water as I danced my way through the material I shared with all those there listening.

This class more than any...

Sep 21, 2015

I often feel these three things throughout my day. I have a good life but on certain days this critical side overtakes me and for a brief moment I review my station against the great cosmos projected from some fractal born of my childhood brain.

That's the mindset I am talking about. When I am here I measure my magnitude. I measure my effectivenes. I measure my sense of need.

In this place I can wildy obssess the entire day. “Thought Storms” roll in across my front lobes and suddenly each step matter - each communication. The same powerful brain system that aims deep vectors into “flow” cartesian zones turns it around and has it careen carelessly through the dark borrows of frustration.

I am anxious these days about my abilities and their effectiveness. I have escaped a previously well understood orbit and now flouder in space searching for my next gravitational pull. It feels like transition from a mountain of changes. I feel the hollow eyes of a ghost when I stand in front of a...

Sep 20, 2015

This jam more than other jams felt like we were really focused and working on the music. There was a real sense of focus that night. Unfortunately, a number of technical difficulties conspired against us capturing all the work that we created but what did find its way to be captured was memorable.

“Are You Talking About Me” really captured some of my feelings of when I am completely obsessed with someone. Whenever I sing something like this I wish I had a better understanding of finding the musical structure. I feel like often can find what feels like a chorus and perhaps a melody but not the story and the melodic adventure with the chorus as the reward. The singing strangely reminded me of GlaDOS singing “Still Alive”. Something about the song structure.

There were a few moments when I was singing “Head In Space” with those around me that we truly felt like we were really performing. I found more confidence in some of my ad-libbed words and in my voice. Of course this is me embodying...

Sep 17, 2015

I'm afraid now to practice the work of someone else. I want to get it. I want to flounder and fall into something and make it feel like a discovery. I don't want to be shown. I know we are always shown – I wanted a little more mystery about it.

But if I listen to my fear its telling me that it would be a big challenge. I am afraid to know a sing. To be able to sing it. I'm afraid that I cannot do it. I'm afraid to try.

I realized this I drove over to jam at Orchard Road. I played the album I bought at the Madison Market and tried to grumble along with the song. “If I make it up” I think to myself “it can't be wrong. It is whatever I want to be for the moment.”

But I am a beginning to realize it is necessary choice. Because everything is a remix.

Sep 14, 2015

I want to build training tools that allow for easy collaboration and integration with a continuous delivery system while meeting the needs of the learners, partners, and trainers.

If you are a trainer and currently frustrated with the current tools available (e.g. Keynote, Powerpoint, Adobe Acrobat) and would like to take part in changing that please reach out to me through twitter or email franklin dot webber at gmail.

Lets talk and share our frustrations. Lets collect and express our needs. Lets exhaustively search for better workflows and better solutions. And lets build solutions when one cannot be found.

Teaching has been a rewarding pursuit. I began a full-time career in delivering training. I started first for the University of Washington Extension School teaching their Ruby certificate program. I eventually accepted a full-time position to work with Jeff Casimir and Jumpstart Lab to help spin up the earliest iterations of the Turing school.

For both of those ventures...

Sep 13, 2015

MacOSX File Finder

I found that when the file dialog appears you can press the ~ key and it will open a modal-dialog box that allows you to specify a path to a folder or a file. Even better, it will tab-complete for you – though I have not found it to be the most intellient.

Even better is that when I shared it on twitter a few people were able to give me a few more tips to compliment this one. cmd+g in a standard Finder window will launch a dialog box to help you navigate around.

A small productivity increase like this makes me happy.

Sep 13, 2015

I reach back in my dreams. I reach back into my past. A trip of nostalgia. A memory game.

I laid in bed and curled into a position. I closed my eyes. I imagined all the times I lay on a bed, in all the rooms, and in all the houses. Walking through each one sequentially; occasionally having to make a revision - when you might of spent a couple months on the couch at a friends. … and right then, that's when you find yourself swallowed up in a pool of nostalgia.

I played this recently and my thoughts took me from life here at Hannah's parents to our bedroom in thedownstairs of Queen Victorian. And here is we return back again to the rustic home in rural Wisconsin before I am laying in a bed in a city a mile high from the sea. I unwind that year in Denver, watching it in reverse. My shivering body on a blue scooter cruising through the night. Tears and strong-felt emotions shared with me across white tables and admist a French Fry revolution – viva the revolution! To the short-lived days...

Sep 8, 2015

Near the start of the year a few friends all challenged themselves to sit down and work on a track per week. At this stage in my music development I felt proficient and prolific enough to be able to accomplish such a task.

I failed. I allowed a number of factors to intervene. But I didn't let that effect me. I didn't think that I was a failure or that the music that I once had in my body had finally escaped this husk. I continued on after a long break with a new set of rules.

I would create a number of small transmissions. Small fragments of a song that were not quite starts or ends but somewhere in the middle. Interesting pieces that I threw together that I felt worthy enough to save and share with a few people.

Continuing to work has been good for me. If I reflect honestly on the last year of the music that I have created it does not seem all that much “better” or “worse”. It doesn't yet feel like the the music that I want to make but as always sitting down and trying to find...

Aug 30, 2015

When I walk late at night in the country I worry about surprising a skunk and being attacked by werewolves. The other night when I went out for a walk the clouds hung around the moon giving it an orange hue and a thin veil. In my mind it was the perfect night to be attacked by a werewolf.

The concept of the werewolf interests me. The folklore behind it. The stories and the origins. So I sang about that with my friends. We also sang about pickles, jamming in the studios, and making out with a mom.